YOU Create Your Reality in Two Ways


To say I’m excited is an understatement! I asked a friend of mine to proofread The Law of Creation. More than anyone I know; she has a keen eye for typos and grammatical errors. I didn’t know whether she would be able to read from cover to cover, as she is not a big reader, and this is not really her kinda genre. I put the request out there and was grateful for any result.

Not only did she read the entire book, in a couple of days no less, and picked up some niggly typos, but she had questions. This excited me to the limit. I was so excited that I could put the tools I am learning into firsthand practice – real life teaching. Know what happened? Yes, you guessed it – I learned so much from answering her questions! In trying to help my friend, she helped me. She helped me banish any doubt I may have had. She helped me understand the Laws and how they work synergistically and more importantly, helped me understand the PHYSICS and SCIENCE behind why they work. She gave me so much I am grateful for.

Her questions: With all that is going on with Covid19 I can’t help but feel sad. I certainly did not wish this for anyone in the world. I know that people die every day from other illnesses and that affects one on an emotional level, but this is affecting people’s livelihood and it is out of everyone’s control. No matter how hard one wants to vibrate with positivity, how does this help the millions that won’t recover the financial loss and possible bankruptcy. It is real, it is happening, so many are suffering. How does vibrating positively help anyone suffer less? How does vibrating positively change anything that is really happening?


My simple answer is that by raising your vibration you don’t change the reality for the whole world. You don’t have control over anyone else’s reality, only yours. Each person’s reality is their own responsibility. You change the reality for yourself and perhaps help those around you change their reality as an attitude of gratitude is contagious. And since we are all energetically connected, like a ripple in a pond, you extend this energy to the collective pool. Then, when you ‘see clearly’ you are better equipped to extend acts of kindness and service to help others. Albert Einstein quoted: “A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.” Become an expert Creator and pave the way for others to follow. This is how you help the collective ‘We/Us’.

In The Law of Creation we say: “Nothing in your life occurs without your participation. When you accept this fact, this is the first step to you reasserting your rightful place as Creator of YOUR Universe.” Let me try explaining this in tangible examples, well as tangible as quantum physics can be. Quantum physics has taught us that we create an outcome simply by observation. This is explained in a great way by Dr Quantum that you can watch on YouTube – Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment. This video, and others such as Does Consciousness Create Reality by Arvin Ash, explain that through quantum mechanics, particles, like photons, electrons and atoms are in superposition, meaning they can exist in different states and even multiple places at the same time. They are thought to be nothing more than waves of probabilities, until the moment that they are measured. By you observing (measuring) them, you collapse the probability wave of the particle that it then becomes a definite particle with distinct properties. By your observation you create what probability comes into reality. It is thought that your consciousness (where you are vibrating) affects the probability you bring into reality. Your consciousness is made up of your experiences, beliefs and how you respond to these unique perspectives. So, by your participation to anything and everything in life you create it based on your consciousness. Your reality is unique to you. Nobody else will perceive what is happening around us in exactly the same manner you do. Each one of us ‘sees’ through our own experience and response. To change what you see (your reality), change your perspective, to change your perspective, find the gratitude in everything.

This does not mean to say that what is going on in the world right now is not real. It is completely real to each one of us, but that personal reality is unique to each one of us. Consider this: when you are in a state of worry and anxiety, you tend to shut down and don’t have the resources to help yourself find a way out of the problem. When you are feeling better (vibrating at a higher level – optimistic, courageous, accepting) you are better equipped to find the resources you need to get out of the tough spot you are in.

Confucius states that you are a self-observing system observing your own creation. We further say in The Law of Creation that “You create your reality in two ways: firstly, by fixing the positions of the photons, and secondly through your electromagnetic energy vibration. Consider this: even a piece of food emits photons—this is what the nose detects when it “smells” food. You are constantly emitting photons, which are in vibration with your thoughts and emotions. You are a walking photon emitter.” This is covered under The Law of Probability and further says: “YOU affect [the] likelihood [of any outcome]. The energy you send out arranges a more probable, or less probable, arrangement of the photons. In effect, the energy you emit creates the likelihood of the outcome! You are a Probability Machine.”

So, what does this all mean? Well it means that there are many other ways to ‘see’ the Covid19 pandemic. Stories are being shared of people creating so much positivity in the face of this adversity. People thinking outside the box to keep their business afloat, others thinking out the box to help those on the service line. All sorts of actions are surfacing that uplift and ease the strife we are under. You have a choice – you choose to get caught up in the fear of this uncertainty, or you choose to see the good happening around you.

You may wonder, well, that’s all lovely but how does it help me pay the rent when I haven’t earned a penny for the past 6 weeks? Please don’t think I am making light in any way of your struggle. I am not. In fact, I am empathetic with your reality. I understand how you feel and have endless love for you during this scary time. Here’s the catch: if you continue to worry, stress and be anxious about everything, you will continue to bring experiences and events that match your worry, stress and anxiety into your reality. In effect you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. By switching to gratitude – finding anything and everything you have to be grateful for – and FEELING that gratitude, you change the playing field. You begin to bring sparks of light into the equation. Opportunities begin to present themselves to you of how you can make a difference (in your own reality) that will begin to solve how you will pay the rent, or your staff, or your car payment, or whatever financial difficulty you have. You begin to bring matching experiences and events into your reality to match the gratitude you emit. Like a two-way radio – you emit on a certain frequency and a response is returned on the same frequency. You are only able to receive the response because you are on the frequency of the response. So, if you are on the frequency of worry and anxiety, you are unable to receive a response on a grateful frequency unless you match it.

In conclusion I quote from The Law of Creation: “What little we know about quantum physics implies that the observer creates the reality. Intuitively we know this to be true, even if we do not understand the physical laws of how it is achieved. You, the observer, have the power to create your environment and existence. By accepting that you are responsible for where you are in your life, without shame, blame or judgment, you start to take back your creative powers. For as long as you hold somebody or some event responsible (like Covid19) for where you are in life, or your suffering, you deny your creative powers.”

Sending you lots of feel good vibes.

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