The Language of the Universe


Remember Law # 18 – The Law of Vibration? The Universe does not ‘hear’ what you are asking for. It ‘feels’ the vibration of what you are asking for. Because everything is energy, vibrating at a unique resonance, the Universe will offer matching outcomes based on this resonating vibrational frequency. You might think of yourself in human terms: small (relative to the Universe), flesh and blood, logical, emotional, chemically responsive. BUT the Universe does not respond to these things. It cannot. Remember everything is energy vibrating. This is the language of the Universe. If you want to converse with the Universe, you must do it in the language the Universe understands – vibrational energy. As a human, the best tools you have for this are your heart – where your feelings reside, and your subconscious mind.

Many people I speak to say they are grateful because they have a lot to be grateful for. When I ask how they are feeling, they tell me they feel angry or anxious, sad or disappointed …. Can you understand that this means they are not FEELING grateful as our emotions are an indication of where we are vibrating? If you’re not feeling it, you’re not attracting it! You are not attracting more things to be grateful for!

Here’s some perspective on being grateful. To fully understand it, let’s look at what it isn’t. Gratitude is not thinking about all you have, to be grateful for. This is the equivalent of writing a shopping list, but until you have bought the items, you are still lacking them. Gratitude is the same. Until you are FEELING the gratitude, you’re still lacking gratitude, and while you are in a state of lack, you are attracting more things that bring about lack.

I used to think that I could do all my gratitude ‘homework’ in my head. I am a firm believer in working smarter not harder, and therefore, in past Law of Attraction efforts used to think about what I had to be grateful for – when I remembered. The process of writing down the things I am grateful for and WHY I’m grateful for them, used to invoked some resistance. And guess what? My efforts at creation were hit and miss and what I did create was a version of what I wanted but not an exact match.

Wallace D. Wattles discusses gratitude in his book The Science of Getting Rich and states: “First, you believe that there is one Intelligent Substance, from which all things proceed: second, you believe that this Substance gives you everything you desire; and third, you relate yourself to it by a feeling of deep and profound gratitude.” Can you begin to see why thinking about all that you have, to be grateful for, is not quite enough to connect yourself to the Intelligent Substance / Source / God / the Supreme / the Universe or whatever you call this formless force? Wattles continues: “There is a Law of Gratitude and it is absolutely necessary that you should observe the law, if you are to get the results you seek.”

In The Law of Creation we state that each of your thoughts attracts or repels events and experiences in line with your vibration level, and you know what your vibrational level is by your feelings. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you only now and then think about what you have to be grateful for, without connecting to the feeling of gratitude, you are not vibrating with gratitude. And without this connection, your creative power is not fully connected to the Formless Force you are a part of, and without this connection, you continue to create what you have always created – probably a lot of things you don’t want.

But that’s not all…. Wattles continues to say that “The value of gratitude does not consist solely in getting you more blessings in the future. Without gratitude, you cannot long keep from dissatisfied thought regarding things as they are.” Do you find that as profound as I do? If you are not feeling gratitude, meaning, if being grateful does not become WHO YOU ARE – a permanent state of being and not something that you do now and then, you will easily revert to thinking about what you don’t want and from there it is a small jump to creating more of the same – more of what you don’t want.

I am extremely grateful to those that have come before me paving the way for us all to master the Law of Creation. One person in particular is Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Magic and more well known The SecretThe Magic is a twenty-eight-day program that helps you focus and FEEL everything you have, to be grateful for. Through completing this program, I came to the realization that it is vitally important to write down, each day the things you are grateful for that day, and why you are grateful for them, and each night, repeat the process, and as many times during the day feel gratitude. This is the only way to create an attitude of gratitude and vibrate with gratitude.

People often ask me how they will know when they have perfected being grateful. Well, when you are cut off in traffic and narrowly escape an accident and you immediately find something to be grateful for in the moment – you know you are living an attitude of gratitude. If you drop a heavy object on your toe and your first reaction is to swear and curse, you’re not quite living with an attitude of gratitude. In the moment, if you can feel grateful that the heavy object did not break any bones, then you ARE gratitude! You will know when you are living an attitude of gratitude because there is an almost permanent warm feeling in your solar plexus that makes you feel enormously peaceful and content with an unwavering certainty that everything is ok and will continue to be ok. A feeling of peace and a knowing that ‘You’ve got this!’.

This feeling is enormously powerful and my intention is that you feel it too, as often as possible. Thank you for reading this article, I appreciate you being here.

Sending you feel good vibes!

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