The 5 Steps To Unphuck Yourself

The 5 Steps to Unphuck Yourself

We Are All Conditioned Robots.

We are all conditioned to fear what we don’t understand! We are conditioned by society and by our parents to be the way we are and to think the way we do!

One of the many de-programming techniques you will undertake, is understanding that good and bad have no power. Nothing outside of you has power over you, UNLESS YOU LET IT. As Shakespeare inferred: Nothing is good or bad, except for the thinking that makes it so.

I am Divinely Guided

I AM is the most powerful affirmation there is because we become what we say we are.

This course is to connect you to your True-North. To create an awareness within you of who you really are and connect you to your true powerful Self. When you say I Am, remember who you are. When you fully understand and remember who you are, you will never follow the words ‘I Am’ with words such as: stupid, fat, ugly, useless, or anything less than in any way. When you live in the awareness of your true Self, your life takes on a freedom that brings an enormous amount of peace and joy.

The Fundamentals of Manifestation

Your subconscious mind is enormously powerful. We create our world with the conscious mind, and this leads to the dire world we see around us. But we have 3 minds, the conscious, subconscious and superconscious. Our subconscious contains our ‘programming’. This book teaches you how you can change every facet of your subconscious programming, and conscious self. Through raising our consciousness and emotions, we can vibrate at a higher level and thereby attain a high level of functioning, success and happiness. Through learning pause, forgiveness and acceptance you acquire absolute peace. Discover: Your 3 minds, their vibrational levels, and how to increase your power of creation, how to manifest anything, how to become an ascended master, and learn what the subconscious mind is, how to re-program it, and harness its amazing powers…


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