Are You Spreading the Coronavirus?


Have you noticed the widespread fear in relation to the Coronavirus? Social media is filled with the latest statistics. Turn on your television and there is an update of how many people are infected, how many have died and what you can do to stay safe. Companies are sending their staff home to work in quarantine regardless of whether you’re sick or not. Stores are sold out of toilet paper and bottled water. Vacations are being cancelled. The world seems to be gripped with fear of catching this virus. People seem to be acting as if it is a guaranteed death sentence.

Let’s get a little perspective:

·  The CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died.

·  To date, more than 100,000 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus disease globally, according to Johns Hopkins University – with at least 3,015 deaths in China and 267 fatalities in other parts of the globe, most of them in Italy and Iran.

This raised 2 questions, why are we so calm each year about the flu virus, with over 60,000 deaths in one season? And why have we gone globally stir crazy about the coronavirus that pales in comparison to the flu? I don’t have the answer, but could it be that we feel comfortable in the grip of fear? We look out for things to fear and when we find them, we grab onto them and spread the fear around for good measure?

The late Lynn Grabhorn in her book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting states that our greatest obstacle to living our potential comes from toddler days when we were trained to look for what’s wrong – with everything! Could it be that we only feel comfortable when we’re on the lookout for what we must fear, and when we find it, we grab onto it and help everyone around us equally fear it? We spread the fear under the guise that we are keeping everyone informed. We’re helping to keep everyone safe. From the time we’re born our mom looks out for us. She vigilantly looks out for danger. She becomes a radar for that danger and goes about protecting us from it. She lathers us in sunscreen every time we walk out the door, so we don’t get skin cancer. She joins us at friends’ birthday parties to ensure we are safe, that the swimming pool is fenced, and we don’t drown, to ensure we don’t eat too much candy and suffer from a stomachache. When we’re old enough to visit friends without her, she grills our friends’ parents to find out what dangers may be present and to be sure the environment at their house is as safe as she makes it at our home. And when other parents don’t do the same, she looks down on them for not caring about their children enough. It’s a daunting job. No wonder moms are so tired. We grow up learning that there is much to fear! And this fear becomes our radar, our compass and our focus.

Lynn Grabhorn also states that as crazy as it may sound, we are electromagnetic beings with the mindboggling capacity to magnetize into our lives whatever in the world we desire by controlling the feelings that come from our thoughts. According to The Law of Attraction, which we are all governed by, regardless of whether you believe in this law or not, states that ‘like attracts like’. This is how we attract our fears.

So, guess what? While we are all running around in a frenzy trying to not catch the coronavirus and trying to protect everyone else by sharing the latest statistics, what are we feeling and what are we focusing on? Needless to say, what we (the collective We) have been creating with all this indiscriminate flow of fear-based energy is pure pandemonium and if we continue in the same vein, what are we capable of manifesting? A death rate in the hundreds of thousands?

Let us all PAUSE and recalibrate. Find some feel good energy you can indiscriminately spread instead and put an end to the coronavirus for good. Understand that the odds of you being exposed to the virus are very low. The odds of you dying if you do contract the virus are small. Take the necessary precautions, wash your hands, drink plenty of water and MOST importantly, focus on what you are grateful for, thereby raising your vibration and permanently protecting yourself from the coronavirus. A virus cannot manifest in a loving environment only in a fearful one!

I am grateful you visited my site. Thank you for reading my blog. Here’s to us collectively creating a permanent state of positivity!

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